Projects in Design

Project 16-06-1246          Drainage Study of Areas East of SH 332
                                         Engineer:  Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Project 17-01-1920          Drainage Improvements for the Blossom, Daisy
                                         and Willow Drive Street Areas
                                         Engineer:  John D. Mercer & Associates, Inc.
Project 17-10-1285-B       Phase 2 - Lift Station No. 6 Wastewater Sub-Basin 6B
                                         Engineer:  Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

Project 18-09-1144          Rehabilitation of the Sanitary Sewer for Lake Forest
                                         Subdivision and a Portion of Huisache Street
                                         Engineer:  Ardurra Group, LLC

Project 18-10-1221          Design & Installation of Booster Pump for Oak Drive
                                         Water System
                                         Engineer:  Dannenbaum Engineering 

Project 18-13-1436          Chemical Building at Beechwood Drive Water Plant
                                         Engineer:  Ward, Getz & Associates, LLP

Project 18-15-1603          Downtown Revitalization (That Way / N. Parking Place)
                                         Engineer:  Kimley-Horn