Heavy Trash & Large Loads


We don’t mind collecting heavy trash. We think it helps keep our neighborhoods clean and provides an important service our residents really appreciate. BUT…we don’t want our residents to put it out on the wrong day! To help residents understand when to put out heavy trash, we have started the RED TAG campaign. Our crews will be observing our streets on a regular basis and leaving RED TAGS on the doors of residents who have put out heavy trash on the wrong day. The tags also explains when heavy trash is collected in the neighborhood and that citations can be issued for repeat offenders.  

Heavy Trash Pickup
If you have an over-size load or a special pick-up, you may call 979-415-2430 to request a pick-up for an additional charge. You may also bring your brush, limbs, or heavy trash to the mulch site (at 103 Canna Lane) free of charge.

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2022  calendar trash schedule (003)