Projects Under Construction

Project 16-09-1435            Brazos Canal Structure Mitigation Improvements
                                           Contract Awarded:  Matula & Matula Construction

Project 16-10-1684-A         Traffic Signal Construction at Oak Drive and Circle Way
                                            Contract Awarded:  Statewide Traffic Signal Company
Project 17-10-1285-A          Wastewater Replacement for the Lift Station No. 6 Sub-Basin 6B, Phase 1
                                             Contract Awarded:  King Solution Services
Project 18-01-1692             Replacement of Water Well No. 5 at Oak Drive Tower
                                            Contract Awarded:  Felder Water Well & Pump Service
Project 18-04-1757             12-Inch DOW Tower Water Line Replacement
                                            Contract Awarded:  HTI Construction, Inc.

Project 18-05-0106             Rehabilitation of the Oak Drive 300,000 Gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank
                                            Contract Awarded:  CFG Industries

Project 18-06-0374             CDBG/Lake Jackson Pedestrian Mobility Improvements, Circle Way Trail
                                            and Pedestrian Bridge
                                            Contract Awarded:  Matula & Matula Construction

Project 18-07-0463             Oak Drive South Street Pavement & Drainage Rehabilitation Project
                                            Westbound Lane from Lake Road to 900 Ft. West
                                            Contract Awarded:  Matula & Matula Construction

Project 18-08-0886             Lake Jackson Dog Park
                                           Contract Awarded:  Matula & Matula Construction