Building Inspections

Once construction has begun, inspections are necessary throughout the construction process to assure compliance with safety and City regulations.

When you are ready for an inspection, call the Public Works Department at (979)415-2430.  Please state the following:

  • Construction address
  • Permit number
  • Type of inspection

Required inspection requests, but not limited to:

  • Accessory buildings
  • Driveway and sidewalk renovations
  • Fence
  • Final inspection of the completed project
  • House leveling
  • Inspection for below ground items before covering up (ie., water, sewer and electrical cables)
  • Inspection of the foundation before you arrange for cement delivery
  • Inspection for insulation and windows energy code
  • Inspection of wiring, plumbing, framing, HVAC, etc., before insulating and covering any work

Other Resources
  • Inspection Codes