Holiday Fire Safety Tips

General Fire Safety

The Holiday season is upon us. This is a time of joy but there is also an element of danger.  Here are a few suggestions to make your holiday season remembered for it's joyfulness and not for it's tragedy.

  • Be sure to test your smoke detectors.
  • Clean the oven and stove prior to the holiday. Often the extra load on these appliances causes a fire due to the high use and extra grease build-up.
  • Keep kitchen clutter away from the stove and oven.
  • Be extra careful with matches and candles. Candles should be made of flame retardant materials - look for a label stating such.
  • Avoid loose, flammable clothing. Clothing often catches on fire around candles, matches, fireplaces and stoves (both electric and gas).
  • Keep decorations away from sources of heat such as open flames, electric heaters and exposed electric bulbs.
  • Don't overload electric outlets. Inspect electrical cords and light sets. If in doubt - throw them out.

Christmas Trees
  • Keep your Christmas tree in a sturdy base filled with water and check the water level daily.
  • Spraying the Christmas tree with a flame retardant is always a good idea.
  • Make a fresh cut on the trunk of your tree and place in a sturdy holder.
  • Place the tree away from heat sources, such as fireplaces and heaters.
  • Do not use candles on or near the tree.
  • Safely dispose of your tree before it becomes dangerously dry, however never burn tree or tree parts in your fireplace.

Christmas Lights
  • Purchase only UL approved lights.
  • Check all indoor and outdoor lights for frayed cords, replace if necessary.
  • Never use lights that have an empty socket.
  • Lights should not touch combustible materials.
  • Use only outdoor lights for "outdoors"
  • Turn off all Christmas lights, prior to leaving your home or going to bed.
  • Mini lights are safest because they produce less heat.
  • Avoid using extension cords, but if you do follow instructions carefully.
  • Do not overload electrical circuits, such as wall outlets and extension cords, use a circuit strip.

Christmas Wrapping
  • Keep combustible materials away from heat sources.
  • Never burn wrappings in your fireplace.

In closing, every home should have an operating fire extinguisher and smoke detector. From our family to your family, wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.