Arts & Crafts - Virtual Recreation

If you love arts and crafts (or maybe want to learn to love arts and crafts), join us each day for a different arts and crafts activity!

Just click on the image or video below for a tutorial!

Disclaimer: Tutorials may contain links to You Tube videos or sites that are not associated with Lake Jackson Parks & Recreation


Preschool- How to Draw Baby Yoda

Youth- Bead Mosaic

Adult- Couch Reupholstery


Preschool- Handprint Turkey

Youth- How to Crochet a Scarf

Adult- Painting Cabinets


Preschool- Build a box fort

Youth- How to make a mini bow and arrow

Adult- How to build a deck


Preschool- DIY Glow in the Dark Decals

Youth- Paracord Coaster

Adult- Chunky Blanket Tutorial


Preschool- Nature Art

Make a Small Room Look Bigger