Youth Sports & Programs

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Youth Programs

Group Swim Lessons
Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Lessons offered!
Check out the link above to get the current schedule and register online!
Parks & Rec Month Scavenger Hunt
July is Parks & Rec Month, celebrate with us with a fun scavenger hunt and win big!
July 1- 31, 2020
All Ages Welcome
Rec’ing the Parks
The 2020 Rec’ing the Parks Program has been cancelled.
Leeroy’s Fortnite Bootcamp
The 2020 Leeroy’s Fortnite Bootcamp Program has been cancelled.

Youth Sports

TAAF Girl’s Volleyball
The 2020 TAAF Girl’s Volleyball League has been cancelled.
TAAF Lake Jackson Swim Team
The 2020 TAAF Lake Jackson Swim Team League has been cancelled.
Brazoria County Youth Wrestling Team
For more info on The Brazoria County Youth Wrestling Team email
Joe Castro at
Yom-Chi Taekwon Do
Yom-Chi Taekwon Do has been temporarily suspended.
Lake Jackson Aquatic Club
The Lake Jackson Aquatic Club has been temporarily suspended.
Youth Athletic League Contacts
Baseball, Softball, Football, Swim, Soccer, etc.